Duff Steer

by Lyle Christine

Help me understand the problems you’re facing, never caught the tail you were chasing We can double up and double our chances, yeah – with feeling! Maybe there’s a group for victims of torture, sit around, discuss the horror, You can look away or you can move closer, yeah – let’s hear you Sing, for your supper, for your troubles, for your life – take it by the throat Now, will you listen, will you give in, to the truth – taking off the mask I’m not taking off the mask, I’m not living in the past, I’m not polishing the brass, I’m not drinking from the glass, Go now, make your voices loud, step out from the angry crowd, right now I couldn’t be more proud, I’m not taking off the shroud Talk me through the plan including the detail, see the world by hanging on coattails Gonna make a mark by making a copy yeah – no secrets! No one’s gonna pay for what they can get free, low fruit hanging on the pear tree Trade in those guitars for shovels and dig a ditch – no future! Here, lies your future, in the sewer, in the dark, running underground You, with your vision, with your pictures, with your heart, - taking off the mask One thing, before the day runs out, stock up, prepare yourself for drought March on, toward the distant spring, old hope, you carry in a sling These days, defined by endless grind, all those confessions left unsigned I'm not taking off the mask, I'm not taking off the mask I never paid for those mistakes I didn’t need to draw my blade I never thought those thoughts would fade
I’ve ruined this time today, I got nowhere left to go, I’m not so easy hired, these days I’m being let go Go on say that again pal, I’m listening, it’s sickening Help now, give me a hand pal, cause I’m moving it, and I’m losing it Fall back, look at the back pal, they’re doing it, we’re losing it Up top, top of the hill pal, they’re burning it, they’re learning it I’ve made mistakes, from door to door Their argument has no bedrock, I’m cutting out all the deadlock Say that again, I’ll double my fee, your alibi without witness, Give in, give in, given, given I heard this guy today, he said God protects the brave I said such big results are measured from grave to grave I saw this sign today, it said ‘No signs are allowed’ For such a useless drip, your parents must be proud
I’m not like the people round here, they’re walking on webbed toes The gene pool dried up round here, the evolution froze Swivel-eyes are watching me, cause I’m not like them, They don’t like bright lights round here, they can’t count to ten I’ve gotta run, I’ve gotta get out of here, I gotta find the new folks who are open minded They chased away the good ideas round here, attacking reason is the fight that gets these simple folks united There is no conversation on the streets, there’s just the reek of ignorance from the prejudiced obstructions There’s got to be somewhere some life on this Earth, I gotta leave this place today each day I pray for an abduction And last night they knocked at my door, they were high on the beans For too long I’ve lived round here, I need to quit this scene They didn’t have much to say last night, they didn’t make much sense They don’t like bright lights round here, they can’t count to ten Anyway, step up then look away Set up, and let’s play maybe we Separate, hold on I’ll try again Tell me your name again, what can you recommend Signed with a borrowed pen, reaching the very end Of the road you’re taking a bullet for a team you were told That they don’t care if you rise or fall but you feel big with that weight in your paw, oh yeah
So long my sweet, we had a good run, squashed those elites with a metric ton We’ll toast the Earth a million miles away, where we observe (I’m sure we heard?) a very slight delay So long my sweet it’s time I leave, I’ll call you when I’m there I’m walking out with my hands up my hands up in-the-air-with-no-intention This danger, on paper, undersigned by allies of the evil empire These changes, on pages, overseen by masters of the friendly fire Those pledges, dual edges, carving out the lines across an oily desert Those borders, dark corners, they’ll be sure to suffocate your every effort Don’t wake the kids until they’re ready, learning the steps until they’re steady Your stone embrace with no affection, in those mistakes you’ll find perfection Don’t tell the kids about my troubles while I’m in repair I’m walking out with my hands up my hands up in-the-air-with-no-intention
I’m not happy with the service today, I think I’d like to make a complaint An excuse to broadcast my views, a servant that I need to abuse I’ve been working each of the week, I’ve paid for an expensive seat I’ll be sat here judging your show, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go We are the audience, we pay your wages We’ll give a bad review, if you don’t fill us with cheer We’re offended, by poor performance, we are protected by, Infancy and terrible beards History doesn’t really exist, nothing that I’m likely to miss And They mention me in the news, my channel got another few views I’ve been swinging from mean to mad, never wanted something so bad In the end we reap what we sow , I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go How many more years? Till the hive disappears Selling up, while you’re conscious, getting out while you can I’ve been working on an exit plan, something that you’ll understand When the time is right then you’ll know, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go
Dear doctor my ship’s sinking, I can’t change my way of thinking I was on an even keel now I’m stuck inside a hamster wheel And the world is full of fools of which I’m one And the war was never won Dear doctor, I’ve been patient, tell me why I feel so ancient Each morning is a curse; each day I feel a little worse And I worry that I worry too much And I’m feeling so out of touch I’m not looking for a miracle cure I just want a frame of mind that’s pure
I need to clear the deck, of all the burning dreck, there’s guests coming round, to sleep on the ground Tonight the stakes are raised, and past mistakes erased, the horror beneath, stares up at the wreath If you want results, then you’ve got to… Tame that beast that preys on prayer Those seeds of doubt need clearing out We’ll navigate by stars, and mark the land in yards A place in the queue, that never seems to move I’m glad I had the chance, to see the line advance They’ve closed up the wounds, the battle resumes Set the world to rights, over several nights Setting up the guides, don’t travel alone Don’t pick up the stone, let go of the straws Pause for the applause, walking on your hands
I’m in line with the wretched condemned, at the gates of a hellish inferno I’m accused of a terrible thing, earned a place in a torturous limbo Had I risked everything to the hilt, a full commitment to grim behaviour I’d be welcomed to the palace of pain, brush my teeth with a rusty razor I was foolish to think you’d let me join your club of demons I tried so hard to live a life of sin, not pure and decent I played it safe, I’ve got myself to blame, another weed in the feral grasses I’ve been returned to the realm of the dear, a life of hell among the witless masses Waving you down, going to town Stifling heat, pleasure to meet Hitching a ride, cross the divide Heading back home, paying the loan Making a deal, steering the wheel, Eyes on the road, paying what’s owed Clearing your feet, back on the street Watching your back, cover your track
I was hopeful for a new proposal, you were kneeling looking unappealing Leave a token of appreciation, show a gesture of your admiration These forms are making all of us ill, we're filling out another form to get another form to fill These rules will be the death of us all, we're gonna need a knitting nancy if we want a voodoo doll Stick another pin in the crisis, stick another pin in the pie, stick in another pin in the privates, stick another pig in the sty They were saying you were overpaying, it’s an error for the big spender Early dining, served with silver lining, they were reeling from the debt ceiling
Go ahead, go ahead and cast your vote, I don’t mind if I’m left without a choice Sell it all, sell it off, do as you please, carve it up, wrap it up, claim every voice Living with consequence of poor results, you decide on the side the penny falls Far away from the fray, you make your mind, hide yourself, ducking out behind those walls I don’t think those mindless beasts should, be allowed to go outside What’s the use in building bridges if, you can’t reach the other side? The tyranny of mass hysteria, rocking on a broken chair What’s the use in waking minds up if, no one seems to really care In the end, in the they pretend to give you choice, every week, more deceit is what they give Take a look at the state the state is in, who can pay for the way they want to live? You were taught to despise the foreigner (aliens?), a quick route to the root of all your ills Will you learn from mistakes made in the past, will you breathe on the land without those gills? I’ll choose my answer slowly, I’ll take my time with this A token plastic trophy, a judgement based on risk The benefits are endless, those fields of gold do shine/are mine We promise nothing reckless, we’ll toast/save the summer wine I’ve got another reason It sounds so unappealing I’ve got a burning question It’s such a bad impression


released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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