Dutch Carnage

by Lyle Christine

Get me out, Give me a chance, I need to get me out Give me a pass I need to get me out, given a chance, I need to get me out, give me a chance And now I need to learn, I’ve made a mistake and now I need to learn I’ll do what you say, I’m now a different man, this time it’s for real, I said I need to learn, I’ll do as you ask It’s time to give it up, give me a chance I said I’ll cut it out, I’ve had it with this, I’ve got to clean it up, The time is for change, I need to waken up, before it’s too late Pre chorus : Here come the mourners, here come the blood fish Here come the cleaners here comes the homebrew Here come the stewards Chorus EXIT! (give me a choice I need an)
Hanging from a nail, yeah it’s gonna go wrong, everybody take to the fields Grow yourself corn and gorge till the dawn, then shoot some shit on the breeze Look at me I swing from the trees and no-one rules my roost Hard as leather through the weather, here I stand accused Let’s roll the dice with the clockwork mice, there’s lessons to be learned Hand in hand we walk through sand, and time is something earned Look at me I stand in the sea and nothing steals my wave Quick as silver, ride the river, all souls can be saved Goodnight, sweet darling, I’ll hail a penny farthing Fetch me, my jacket, let’s trip the light fantastic Hold on, I’m kidding, I wouldn’t waste that shilling Your face, in stitches, just like the witches
I’ve been looking around trying to find a way, Gotta find a reason to change into a new groove This has gone on too long, I’m ready for a change Open up the hole, I’m gonna bleed a big bruise If you get my meaning, well here’s to you Everybody says I’ve got a chippie, Lurking in the shadows and hissing at the masses I was like you once, without addiction All you need to do is get into the practice I’m gonna save it for later! When we ask for the waiter! Take your time with the order! Here’s a tip for the future!
Got the shakes and the sweat is pouring, it’s just another morning, I’ll drag myself from one hell to the rear Red eyes don’t look at me, my guilt is plain to see Another day of running from the fear While the kids grow up I’ll tell no lies You’re gonna turn into what you despise All downhill from here, so crack another beer There’s no time for disguise! Yeah! Yeah! I feel so disgusting, what the hell is in my body This once was pure but now I’m not so sure Adrenalin you died in battle, fighting with the bovine cattle When will you learn to guard against the fool When the kids grow up I might come clean Take advice from the horror that I’ve seen It’s no picnic, and now I’m feeling sick Some things are meant to be
And so the saying goes, that good things come from patience Tomorrow is a day without horizon Walking toward the new sun rising Tonight it’s gonna hurt, it’s unfair, it’s a torture One foot goes in front of the other Distance travelled ends up further I’ll try to work it out, on my own, through the evening Encouraged by a new dawn waking slowly The hard road’s long and often lonely All it means to me, is the chance, to start over Maybe this time I’ll beat the bastard Maybe this time I’ll heal faster
Good luck you’re gonna need it, Someday you won’t believe it, Another form to fill out Another stage to walk out A pittance paid fortnightly A giro paid directly Your history in writing Your hands are tied Got to get you onto the streets Please Sir I’ve paid my credits My children need a medic I need some crisis funding A man can’t get by on nothing Another Monday morning Today you withdraw nothing Oh well a shrapnel payment A shameful haul
Think about all of the different things that you want to be Looking out over the landscape (or rainbow) there, where you used to dream Come along, time is a precious thing, that you should protect Show the world, you’re taking a stand, and that’s nothing to regret Wake me up from the middle of my slumber I can’t fix all the problems from my bed Anytime I don’t remember details You’ll find them hidden in the words I said All along, get on the beaten track, there’s a route to ride I believe, given a second chance, I can make it right Me and you, sharing the cost, so we make it through the night Nevermind, take me again, I’m yours every single time There it goes again.  
I’ve got the fusion warming up the movement I’ve got detention holding back recruitment I’ve got chills they’re spilling on the pavement I’ve got the sweats I’m suffering enslavement My hands shake with the terror of the being I’ve gone insane I’ve lost the faculty of reason A quick fix is all I need to feel normal The heebie jeebies make a man feel abnormal It’s just one of these things, before you know it you’ve got a monkey on yer back and a worm in your soul. Sweet nectar, honey drip delicious My best friend, he’s wicked and malicious
Diving in the coral forget about your morals You’re the kind of guy who can rest on his laurels Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight Sleeping with the snapper, forget about the laughter Keep it going kid and one day you’ll be a martyr Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight Looking for the answer to silence all the dancers Cut them all down with the poison backward glances Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight --- All results are the same (every single morning) I’ve been driven insane (always without warning) Can we step on the brakes (slow down for the market) Now I’m riddled with debt (we take direct debit) --- Can we call it even, I’m not the one for thieving We can strike a deal, a different reason to believe in Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight Roll around the corner, another fallen mourner Take a break friend, you can lean against my shoulder Heavy damage, Heavy dining tonight 


Recorded between Feb 2009 & May 2010 in Glasgow.


released June 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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