by Lyle Christine



Recorded between Dec 2018 – Dec 2019 in Glasgow.


released January 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Ennui
That monkey in the tree is smiling without mystery
He has just one request of me, it’s over

That monkey on the ground he shouts without making a sound
My protest sinks it has been drowned, it’s over

That monkey at my feet my resistance he will defeat
Onto my back he finds a seat, it’s over

That monkey takes my hand, we walk toward the darkened land
I will submit to his command, it’s over
Track Name: Swiss After Life
Now I’ll drink this greenish drink it’s time to end the thoughts I think
I’ll look you in the eye before I go
I’m sound in mind, this is my will, my time is up, my wish fulfilled
I love you more than you will ever know
If I had the chance to do it all again I think I’d like to do it all again with you
Now the time is right for one last time to say goodnight, your loving eyes will be my final view
Here it ends my dearest friend, my final moments I will spend
In company the greatest I have known
What a world, a crazy ride, we saw it all while side by side,
So grateful for the time that I was loaned
Track Name: Dreadlock
There’s a bug crawling under my bed
I think my heart’s gonna jump out my chest
There’s a voice asking too many things
Last night I had too many drinks and

I’ve woken with the feeling that I should be in jail
Did I stab a man last night or buy him an ale
Can’t remember where I went or words that I said
Did I buy that man a drink or is he now dead

And I’m staring in the mirror paralysed with the fear
Punishing my liver with a barrel of beer
Trying to piece together, memories that remain
Someone’s on their way, they’re gonna put me in chains

Three days straight is all I need, to put the demons to rest
I’ll protest, I’ll contest these delusional charges
I’ll crawl on rocks I’ll break my knees, to end this mental unrest
I’ll progress from the mess moving out of the darkness
Track Name: Big Band(its)
The big band has got a big tax bill, now their digging up the hits from the landfill
The big band has reconciled again, amen, for they are business men
The big band’s got back together, apparently sounding better than ever
On tour they’ll be taking some great acts, relax, it helps to pay the tax

They need another hit song
Those accountants got their calculators on

The big band is touring the country, and they’re peddling wholesale sundries (a meal on a Sunday)
From a distance they look just like ants, thanks, I’ve paid to watch them prance
All the anecdotes have been retold, after all those tickets gotta get sold
Just in time to release their greatest hits, those gits, again they call it quits
Track Name: Tools to Survive
The king was killed in his sleep
No longer fit to rule, he was never thanked for his time
I know what’s on my mind
I need the tools to survive, I need the tools to survive
I’m not sure of this new guy
They’ve lined up by his bedside
Answers for questions not asked
Silenced by flags flown half-mast
His fate confirmed without trial
Another scapegoat, maybe this will make you think twice
The cycle circles itself
Kill the father, feed the son, another blade has been drawn
Track Name: Priory
And so the saying goes, that good things come from patience
Tomorrow is a day without horizon
Walking toward the new sun rising

Tonight it’s gonna hurt, it’s unfair, it’s a torture
One foot goes in front of the other
Distance travelled ends up further

I’ll try to work it out, on my own, through the evening
Encouraged by a new dawn waking slowly
The long road’s hard and often lonely

All it means to me, is the chance, to start over
Maybe this time I’ll heal faster
Maybe this time I’ll beat the bastard
Track Name: Disease to Please
Once more I’ve chickened out, there’s now less chance of getting out of here
Those years I dicked about, aw man I’m screwed without a doubt, it’s clear
In school I was the clown, but nothing’s very funny now oh well
Those folks I used to know are living high, I’m living low that’s swell
I had no destiny, I never gave the best of me oh boy
Regrets I’ve had a few, too many to know what to do, destroyed

Dear kids it feels as though, your life is moving far too slow, brakes on
It creeps up from behind, one day your youthful looks decline then gone
One day eternity the next you’re turning fifty-three, so fast
What seemed like yesterday, is now nostalgia far away the past
Track Name: Kindling
A reversal of good fortune, and I can’t believe my luck
I’m the winner in an auction, I’m the tree the lightning struck
I was told when I was younger that the world was filled with choice
At the time it made me wonder, was the promise worth the price
Now you’ve got a job boy, they wanna see you jump for joy
Now you’ll earn your bread, boy, they wanna make you jump your bed
And the people that I work with, aren’t the brightest of the bunch
I’d say half of them were bastards, I’d say half of them were cunts
And I get to spend my weekdays, in the company of fools
And I’m told I should be grateful, as they kick my family jewels
Track Name: No Dice
Hey now, listen to me, I’ve got that feeling in my knees
Oh man look up ahead, tomorrow rain today a breeze
In those dark houses plans have been made
On those maps they’ve marked the empty graves
There was never any hope, drinking poison was the way to cope
Will we learn from our mistakes, toasting glasses while we’ve got the shakes
And so it goes
Oh my, it’s arrived, that was then and this is now
How do I turn back time? I’ll give back beans, you give back cow
There was every chance to say no more, next time we would show restraint we swore
Yet we went and broke the rules, we know who we are we are the fools
Will we learn from our mistakes, swimming in the depths of fiery lakes
And so it goes
Track Name: Memento Mori