Publish and be Damned

by Lyle Christine

Now move it along, keep it out my face, you’ve had your time, you’ve filled your space I’m talking to you. Try to understand. I’ve got my mouths to feed. I’ve got my land. You rake it in, you mine the gold, re-sell the asking price, you break the mould So bone the beak, crack down the back, scrape off the juicy cuts, you paint it black Chorus You’ve got the royalty, you’ve got the mint for life You’ve got the shiny coin, you hold a golden knife I’ll tell the truth, show where I stand, I’ll salt the Earth salt, I’ll shift a gram There’s nothing worse, a roaming hand, I’ve got to pay my tax usurper, I’ll sell the sand The wind is mine, a flotsam gas, I’ll blow it out the sea, I’ll blow more glass From where I stand, I stand alone, your fields of plastic maize, your fields of foam
I’m not here, I’m alone again, wishing the game was over, wishing for the end I’m a mistake, born to raise the dead, watching my compass sinking, fill the cup with dread Every time you raise a glass I lose another life You’re a lot like me, I’m a lot like you Every sip you take again I take another shot You’re a lot like me, you’re all I’ve got Waiting for them, to go to their beds, Close the doors now quickly, taking off the edge Dance in the dark, swim in the sea, nothing makes it better, nothing for me
When you’re moving along you’ve got to take a little moment, You’ve got to take more time, you’ve gotta surf that current, boy Try to get in the fruit and let your guard down slowly Come along and change the brain, we’re gonna make it painless boy Turning away from the alter, running away from the mortar, breaking the back of his son Given the chance of an option, the essence of life is forgotten, given the chance of a change? Every time you think twice, you’ve gotta think a little further You’ve gotta make work work for you, treat them all like they treat you, Any time that I’m asked I’ve got a quick fire answer, I’ve got shades of mayonnaise Coming to a town near you
Gonna get a jacket, straight from the market, bring it back home and wash with a stone Oh tell me please, I’m not too late, gotta get some rest before I faint Oh Tailor! Can you make it slightly longer, slightly stronger? Pay you back soon, with the fruit of the loom, you’re guaranteed to be safe till noon Oh Mercy! Now I’m on my knees! The nation of plants just had the last dance, and now we fly by the seat of our pants No landing strip, no quote to quip, all tails in pairs and soon to quit their DAY JOB! Signing on the dole! Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it! Rub that coin and dine on wine, you move the moon and stock the shine of stardom Please walk this way! Tie the tie tight, don’t forget to write me once a day and every night you’re gonna take a long look at the big bad book, to the brim it’s filled with gold and sin, Oh teacher! Tell me where I sign on the line or take my time, gonna rescue loot and toke the toot, I’ll cook the clean cut with the door kept shut, gonna bruise the ruse, Gonna mince the meat!
Thinking too much about the past Spending too much time on the grass And I know it’s early days, soon we’ll do much better, Soon we’ll have a place, to leave If I could tell you what’s inside Try to convince you that I tried Maybe we’re dancing cheek to cheek, and I can see you smiling I can feel your heat, inside me
Help me with this I’ve missed another dead-on-the-line Falling out with myself after too much red wine All I need is the seed and I’m set up for life Call again, I’ll pretend to know you Cherubs in the pond having a wee, they do me no harm which is good for me My impression of rejection, Nothing’s so wild it can’t be tamed Look at the price you’re never gonna pay of the debt What’s the point in a life if it’s full of regret On the mattress, without practice Bask in the glow while stealing the show Show the world it counts for something, show them all day long Show the world it counts for nothing, show them all they’re wrong
Tell me again, this is my day forever Without an end, only a clock to feather Monthly malaise, stalling the Western people, Lucky for them, I recommend a teacher for your sums, till the end... once again Had I the chance, I would have quit this nonsense It’s not for me, I should be scaling ceilings Let’s make a deal, I’ll be a climbing partner Winning the race, always slightly farther On his way, to the top.... of the end
Here we go, once again Start the day at the end Nevermind, I've been here Many times with the fear And I don't want to apologise Maybe one day you'll sympathise Everyone has a different voice Everyone makes a different choice Take a seat, my good friend You look well, on the mend Off the booze, off the wheel, Back in black, stainless steel And I don't want to apologise Maybe one day you'll sympathise Everyone has a different voice Everyone makes a different choice
Waste that waste, scraping it off, and now I pay you Take my word, keep it together on the bayou Hold that thought, let me think for a second Why don’t I tell you what I really reckon -- Taking it off, taking it off and then I get you Doing a show, look at me go so I impress you Move it around, touching the edge, I wanna kill you Buy some land, digging it into a disco -- No one cares or dies -- Wipe that down, take a away that thistle Eat today, throw away the gristle Now it’s late, now it’s late in the evening Now you’re dead, everyone is grieving
Maybe someday I’ll write a line that doesn’t make me sick Maybe someday I’ll make a quid and spend that quid so quick Maybe someday I’ll find a cure for bovine herded mass Maybe someday I’ll shake myself and get up off the grass Maybe someday I’ll fake my death and end up on the news Maybe someday I’ll wake without the paranoia blues Maybe someday I’ll learn to love the finished marble piece Maybe someday I’ll come back with my tail between my knees Maybe someday the chance will come to quit the wretched vice Maybe someday the change will come and folks will air their voice Maybe someday you’ll take the hint your time is nearly up Maybe someday the blackened earth will surely eat you up


Recorded between June 2010 & Feb 2011 in Glasgow.


released February 13, 2011


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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