The Landed Gentry

by Lyle Christine

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Imperfect design, mechanical fail, broken embrace, let me see you smile Wretched concerns, distracted by fear, cut to the quick, and the wolves draw near ---- We’re forced to compete, for what we don’t need, and the madness never ends The fool on the hill, is making a kill, their pockets are filled ---- Impressive display, a luminous troupe, presence of mind, with a strong salute After the fact, digest the complaint, murdered by crows, and the grace is saved Corrected mistake, renew the effect, short of the score, sell your self-respect Ask for advice, but never explain, sale or return and the land is drained
Even keel, quick change I’m dressing in carpet Pin pricks are sold on the market Struggling to hit my targets Cooling off in the SHU ----- Chorus I’d like to place an order For chaos and disorder Inflict a little torture Buckle at the knees --------- Verse 2 Pleasantries, bad fruit, I’m boiling the cider Headache from the super collider Measuring the width getting wider Bugger all else to do -------- Interlude Moons ago, skin and bone Dedicated to the cause The glowing embers are on loan ------------ Verse 3 Trivial disputes, I beg your pardon Axe grind in the rock ring garden Silverware polished and sharpened Nothing but savage sin
Hold still! Falling in an outrage Possibly going on a rampage Downbeat, ripple in the quarter More miles and never falter Penny drop, suddenly a vision Listen out for pearly wisdom Side-step, narrowly avoided Don’t look so disappointed Chorus Where all of your needs are catered for, The struggle submits, and settlers the score Aloof on the cusp, immovable type, Do come along, tonight is the night Reflections are grim, a state of decay, Your right to reply, now paying to play When using your sole, instead of a brake, Prepare for the worst, for your own sake
Careful now| revolting| heavy cow| bemoaning Salty dog| cut neatly|over-joy-ous Plan to fail| tread lightly| kneeling sale| bum bailey Extra lisp| Skull dugger| comes-with-service I’m just here for the treats, all in all as it is, shifting loot for the man Up-and-at-om! Soldier up on your feet, here it goes there it was, cut the price for a friend Lim-ber-soft-ly! Reckless living – bottles spinning – I’m not kidding – talk to your minister All good men shall – have their souls sold - for a pro-fit – fire the economists Taking the piss – taking a risk – make no mistake – BRANDY BARRELL After the news – looking for clues – paying your dues – GIVE NO QUARTER Maker’s gonna make – trouble in the end – what’s your fate, well that depends Hapless figurine – frozen in time – learning curves and hills to climb Social policy – excavated truth – make believe and absent poof Heady heights of fame – supple rib cage – got to make a penny last today and last all day tomorrow Perfect colour for your new home – pleasant contrast, hue and good tone A new range of rugs and soft drapes – silver ware and hand painted plates
Verse Cooled cup, sardonic sip Limped in to second place White wash the splintered frames Step back, admire your pace Chorus Rush through without attention Deadlines to meet Claim for a silent partner Rinse and repeat Verse Dash board polished with spit Reduced to cinder and ash Heavy gait, dragging your shoe Big deal, embar rassed to ask
Holy hell without rest, all the dashing white guests Dressing up to the nines, heady heights that we climb Careful with the petard, hoisted over the guard To this myth you devote, it was murder she wrote --- Oh the daily bread, it’s a burden, how the upper crust treats the vermin How to live your life as a human, trying to survive in the union --- Clasping finger control, change of heart when you’re old Led astray by your will, broken contract fulfilled Pleasantries are exchanged, alibis are explained Raided during the night, broadcast in black and white The methods of those fools, dialectical rules As the horror unfolds, breaking out of the mould Tonight was a success, all the folks were impressed With your balancing act, with your panic attack
Well it suits you well, a consolation tape All your best bits, your greatest hits to date The timing is perfect, the usual suspect Aint that the truth, long in the tooth, it’s just no use There was a time, we’d argue toe to toe, Oh man I’m red, ashamed of what I know I’m taking my chances, the habit advances I know the score, been here before, I can’t take no more For goodness sake, agree to disagree No contest won, each loser equally The money you’re spending, no point in pretending Small price to pay, to walk away, that’s what they say I’ve had enough! Too much to comprehend White light white noise, I’ve reached the withered end I’m hitting the road Jack, along the old dirt track Enough’s enough, I know it’s rough, it starts with quantum fluctuations in a void
Giving orders, giving overs, I don’t think I need directions Automatic, little bastards, gaining more land every second Salt crystals, by the dozen, renovate a shallow business Early warning, in the morning, your privates far from hidden ---- I’m chickening out downtown, I’m checking out all the power protection The fun fair is far from safe, you’ll need to take a change of selection I’m running it out of the ground, no more shall we fear the depths of the motion The long run is pinned at the neck, good grief another monthly inspection -- Up the ante, to the limit, a token passing gesture With the bud nipped, with the paint stripped, A night of no half measures
Slim chance, halted by the old guard Time to quit, heading up the red star A great shame, lost another treasure trove Overrun, feeling heat and feeling loath --- --- Snare pit, covered with a damp cloth Time is now, pulling in and getting off Test run, knife in back, fork in road Good result, digging up the mother lode
Freedom of choice is the essence of life – give me alternatives Passing the post by the skin of your teeth – options are limited --- All the young dudes are living the blues, the double dip grind is yesterday’s news, The paranoid rant from the magic lamp, living this life in ‘real terms’ -- Tanning your hide for the person you love – alms for the glamorous Scraping the floor of the barrel o’ fun – rinse and repeat again


released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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