from by Lyle Christine



Go ahead, go ahead and cast your vote, I don’t mind if I’m left without a choice
Sell it all, sell it off, do as you please, carve it up, wrap it up, claim every voice
Living with consequence of poor results, you decide on the side the penny falls
Far away from the fray, you make your mind, hide yourself, ducking out behind those walls

I don’t think those mindless beasts should, be allowed to go outside
What’s the use in building bridges if, you can’t reach the other side?
The tyranny of mass hysteria, rocking on a broken chair
What’s the use in waking minds up if, no one seems to really care

In the end, in the they pretend to give you choice, every week, more deceit is what they give
Take a look at the state the state is in, who can pay for the way they want to live?
You were taught to despise the foreigner (aliens?), a quick route to the root of all your ills
Will you learn from mistakes made in the past, will you breathe on the land without those gills?

I’ll choose my answer slowly, I’ll take my time with this
A token plastic trophy, a judgement based on risk
The benefits are endless, those fields of gold do shine/are mine
We promise nothing reckless, we’ll toast/save the summer wine

I’ve got another reason
It sounds so unappealing
I’ve got a burning question
It’s such a bad impression


from Duff Steer, released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved



Lyle Christine Glasgow, UK

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